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We pull from the ever-changing consumer landscape to implement innovative tactics to build and support our clients' reputation. We tailor each publicity campaign to each brand and employ placements in exclusive events, social media, news outlets, sponsorship/endorsements or in your community in order to engage your target audience in the most impactful yet cost-efficient way.

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Digital PR

Traditional pr tactics are imperative, we take next-level efforts by sourcing key bloggers, digital influencers and tracking your brand's reach to gauge success.  We connect the dots from your brand to your audience by assessing the most influential source (including celebrity figures, social media stars, or blog) and bridging the gap for optimal reach.

Media Relations

Press is key to getting consumers to trust your brand and buy.  We will put your brand message in front of the top journalists, televised reporters and radio personalities.  We will even arrange press conferences, junkets or invite-only media mixers to jump start conversation about your brand with key media stakeholders.

About Us

Leslie Monet Taylor, Founder

With over 13 years of combined experience and education in the public relations industry, Leslie Monet is quickly becoming one of the leading contemporary digital PR specialists in the southeast region.  What began as entertainment journalism, covering the most trending and underrepresented topics in mainstream, gradually evolved into the perfect marriage of her passion for helping those she wrote about find more ways to get their story to the masses and her remarkable creative writing skills. 

Leslie makes it her purpose to help spread the word on social good to balance out an oversaturated media landscape filled with gossip and 'fake-news'.  Her firm has have a successful track record of gaining visibility for prominent sports figures, comedians, actors, authors, musicians, luxury and lifestyle consumer brands alike. 

In addition to running the business, Leslie contributes the The Source Magazine and her own publication, Pink Illuminance Blog.  She credits her unmovable drive and focus to her now six-year-old twins and a infant daughter who singularly inspire her work as she desires to demonstrate the many blessings that come from being a Mompreneur.

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Some More Services We Provide...

Medium to Long Term PR

  • 3-6 Month Publicity Campaign
  • Strategy Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Ongoing support, brand monitoring, measurement and counseling

Project-based PR

  • Product or Business launches
  • Red Carpet/VIP Event Placement
  • Press Conferences & Junkets
  • Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences
  • Electronic Press Kit and Biography Development
  • Press Releases and Distribution
  • Print, Radio, TV & Blog interviews
  • Influencer/Celebrity Endorsement
  • Sponsorship Procurement
  • Location-based Press Runs

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

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